West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a modern, constantly evolving partner dance which can be danced to pretty much any type of music.

It's danced freestyle with the lead signalling the moves and it's up to the follow to respond. Or sometimes it's the other way around!

Photo by Richard Seely

The teachers

Jake and Emma are the founders of Leeds' brand new West Coast Swing scene and they're hoping it's just the beginning of a sparkling future for this very musical dance here in Yorkshire.

Relying on over a decade’s experience teaching other styles of partner dance, Jake and Emma's fun and relaxed teaching style will have you dancing in no time!

Classes currently run every Wednesday at Headingley Parish Hall from 8pm. Contact Jake for more information via their website: swingrenegades.co.uk

Lindy teacher Al Jones photographed by Cheeky Rastall

Video montage by BarnaWesties