One of the most fascinating of all dances, tango originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early 20th century.

Through the tango embrace, the leader and follower try to maintain harmony and connection with each other, improvising to the music.

The teachers

Nicolas Godoy has been teaching tango for 20 years. He taught at both the Argentine School of Tango and the Argentine Tango Foundation in Buenos Aires.

He has also taught all over the UK - from Bath, Bristol and Birmingham to Newcastle Harrogate, York and, at long last... Leeds!

He runs classes every Tuesday from 7.30pm at the Anglers Club, Stoney Rock Lane, Leeds LS9 7TB (near St James' Hospital).

For more information, give Nicolas a ring on 07856 434725 or drop him a line.

Tango teacher Nicolas Ignacio Godoy