Balboa is an authentic American swing dance which began in the 1930s in Orange County, California. Because the dancehalls were so crowded at the time, the dancers stayed in close embrace and developed their style through footwork patterns.

Balboa is enjoying a huge revival all over the world, but nowadays there are two types - the original 'Pure Balboa', and Bal-Swing, in which there's more space between the leader and follower, enabling dynamic movements and turns.

The teachers

Harry & Svetlana have been on the swing scene since 2001, but it wasn't until 2006 that they developed their obsession with Balboa.

Frustrated at having nowhere to dance locally, they started Balboanorth in Leeds in 2008, running weekly classes and their regular social dance, Balboa at Heart.

Harry & Svetlana's weekly classes:

Every Tuesday from 8pm.

At Moortown Social Club, Cramer Gardens, LS17 5LA.

Visit for class times.

Or email Harry for more info.

Balboa teachers Harry and Svetlana